Tuesday, March 02, 2010

We are BACK with our new WEBSITE!

The edswhitefront.com website has been 're-created' and is now ON LINE with photos, recipes, 'sauce hints',history and more!

If you have photos, articles, memorabilia or anything pertaining to "Ed's White Front Bar-B-Que" we would like to hear from you.

IF you want SAUCE we definitely want to hear from you!

Contact Greg at 636-970-9196 to place your order...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We WANT your input!

Getting everyone's story is what we are after here.

Please, do not be bashful!

Add your experiences at Ed's White Front by means of leaving a comment.

Besides being the best place for Bar-B-Que WHAT do you remember specifically about what the family affectionately called the 'STAND'?

Do any of you remember the original wooden structure up on the hill with the gravel driveway?
Do you remember when they had to move the almost brand new building to make way for the widening of Goodfellow and Natural Bridge when the Small Arms Plant was built for ammunition production during WWII?

We are looking for first hand accounts....

Also check in to our 'facebook' Page at:

F. Ed

It has been a long time!

And now it its time to bring Ed's White Front into the electronic age!

While you are here leave a comment, tell a story, reminisce and just let everyone else know that YOU were a customer and friend of Ed's White Front!
Before long I will be posting a full history of the Best Place in St. Louis for Bar-B-Que, its origin, the folks involved and my meager part in carrying on the Sauce making chore long after the closing in 1979.
If you would like to re-live that famous taste the SAUCE is available through my son Greg Norman who is now the FOURTH generation 'saucemaker'!

Contact Greg at: 636-970-9196

He STILL uses the same recipe I learned 59 years ago and we are still using the same pot to cook the sauce for bottling. Yes, we make it together but it is primarily his job now since I am getting way too old to mess around trying to lift those big cans of tomato paste and do all the mixing involved.
The ingredients are the same, the pot is the same, the recipe is the same and so is the TASTE!

Order some NOW!

F. Ed